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Bringing you creative marketing solutions with the power of video.


An innovative sales tool that entertains with episodic storytelling

  • VidBits are 30-45 second videos that bring your products to life with episodic storytelling.


  • VidBits engage the viewer with contemporary characters who bring a sense of cool to your brand.


  • Fresh daily content.

  • VidBits position your brand as part of an aspirational lifestyle.

  • A unique approach to “entertaining the sale.”

  • Original stories created exclusively for your brand.

  • Any product or service can be the star of the show and the show should be spectacular.

  • The distinctive format of VidBits positions your brand as part of a desirable lifestyle.

  • Unique characters who create anticipation through episodic storytelling.

  • Fresher, faster, original content designed for the rhythm of social media communication.

Joanie Abraham has been working in video merchandising and advertising since 1985. Now with her company's latest creation, VidBits, you can harness the magnetic power of style, the seduction of fashion, and the emotional engagement of video to enhance product presentation and online brand building.

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"StyleBranding, a New York-based firm has been developing technology and fulfillment capabilities to sell merchandise ...'We see it as a strong marketing tool for point of purchase type advertising' said James J. Zielinski, vice president and director of retail marketing for JMB...”

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“Christmas Spectacular at World Trade Center…For the Christmas Season, Comart Associates, the World Trade Center’s marketing and promotion agency is arranging a visual spectacular at the main crossroads in the concourse below the center. Putting it together is Joan Abraham Fashion Productions and Lynn Pregont."

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Malls Open Up to Video Nets:…In the past year, there has been such a growing awareness among marketers and ad agencies of the power and importance of the shopping mall in relation to reaching the consumer’ said Joan Abraham, ADmotion president.Admotion is developing a network of strategically placed Mall/Walls in selected shopping centers.

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  • Produced two fashion specials for The Oprah Winfrey Show that created fashion entertainment on television.

  • Founded Admotion Inc. a network of advertising video walls in shopping centers.

  • Produced campaigns for General Motors, Cadillac, Chrysler Corporation, NBC-TV, Phillips Van Heusen, and ABC-TV.

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  • Project Management experience with higher-ed, non-profits, small businesses, and tech companies.

  • Acts as a liaison between buyers and creatives.

  • Collaborates with and consults clients on content and stories.

  • Overseen operations that raised over $1.5M in the higher-ed world.

  • An advertising creative, writer, and author based in Detroit.

  • Created content and campaigns for clients of all sizes, including General Motors, Cadillac, Cleveland Clinic, Hungry Howie’s Pizza, OnStar, Detroit Zoo, and Food Lion.

  • Satirized the world by writing for The Onion and its TV show on the Independent Film Channel.

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  • Social Media content creator for social media platforms for the following agencies and brands: Deutsch, 72 and Sunny, Adidas, Game Seven, Havana Club Rum, Café la Llave

  • Producer/director for Tracy Bonham's music video

  • The video project, micro & soft on Macintosh Apple, featured at MoMA exhibition

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