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Joan Abraham


Joan Abraham’s focus on the Internet over the last 22 years has created new merchandising and marketing paradigms for branding in a global marketplace.  Her understanding of the proper voice and emotional engagement needed online creates a distinct rapport between the individual and the brand.


•Produced two one-hour fashion show specials for the Oprah Winfrey Show, which increased retail advertising revenue for the station

•Launched a network of video walls in shopping centers across the country for place-based advertising for national advertisers

•Produced new media prototype campaigns for General Motors, Cadillac, Chrysler Corporation, NBC-TV, Phillips Van Heusen, and ABC-TV, among others

•Developed Detroit Pockets of Cool in 2010, an online branding campaign focused on the new Detroit as a world-class city. Link


She currently teaches Social Commerce and Fashion Branding at Parsons School of Design in New York. The interchange of injecting strategic thinking into social marketing has allowed her fashion students to see the brand communities that will transform the online retail environment. Abraham developed the ecommerce marketing course for Parsons in 1995 and graduated with a B.A. from the University of Michigan.



At 16, Isabella Rose Taylor has had an unconventional path into fashion. Before graduating high school and entering college by age 11, Isabella was a painter, clothing maker and poet. She was the youngest emerging designer to present at WWD-MAGIC, youngest designer to be featured at a major national retailer (Nordstrom’s). She partnered with DELL to present her collection during NY Fashion Week.  She has captured the media’s attention with her creativity and entrepreneurship, including being named as one of Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People in Business.“  The National Retail Foundation presented her with the Dreamer award for the Future of Shaping Retail.  She was featured as one of Latina Magazine‘s “30 Under 30“.  In 2016, She was named Entrepreneurial Rising Star by the Austin Chamber of Commerce.  Recently, Isabella stepped into home decor and designed a line of home furnishings for Pottery Barn Teen, released April 2017. 


While most people might think twice about rushing headlong into the unknowns of entrepreneurship, Isabella embraced her unusual and unconventional path as a necessary step in her larger creative, artistic journey. With multiple fashion collections under her belt, and two Ted Talks about making dreams come true, her pursuits and passions only continue to align and come into sharper focus. As Isabella heads up her business, churning out new fashion lines and collaborations, she cemented her foundation at Parsons School of Design in New York as a recent graduate.